What is commodity if you ask Marx.

So one day a question pops up in your head asking what is commodity ? You won’t believe it, There’s a Bigboi named Marx who got you covered. Oh, let me tell you a secret too ( in case you are also wondering what Wealth is, it is nothing but accumulation of commodities ).

so what is a commodity exactly ? Marx says that commodity is something which is an object which exist outside us ( obviously ). And it must satisfy any of our particular human wants or needs by its properties. Now you may ask what is the difference between Wants and needs are ? needs are usually something without which we cannot go on or live a life which is of free of trouble, like we cannot live without basic components like food, water or shelter or even clothes. But in other hands, wants are something which arise after needs are fulfilled and which are definately not basic needs. To sustain a live you may or may not need to fulfill your wants but in any circumstances one needs to fill their needs. I mean lambougini is cool and stuff but you cannot live without a meal. So in this case, Lambo is a want and meal is a need. Pretty easy, isnt it ?

soo, is poop a commodity ? well, marx said anything can be a commodity which somehow fulfills a mans need or wants.

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